Green Utility, operating as renewable energy producer and Energy Service Company (ESCO), aims to act as energy manager for public subjects and private entities, able to offer “tailor-made” solutions uptaking renewable sources , high efficiency systems and CO2 reduction.

Such a revolution in the energy supply will require the sharing of values and environmentally-oriented culture, especially among young generation. Our values:

  • Sustainability  the conviction that we cannot have an effective development if it is not sustainable and the profit of a company should not be only monetary but also social and environmental oriented.
  • Innovation  constant search for new technologies, renewable energy generation and energy efficiency to reduce the carbon footprint of human activities.
  • Distributed Power Generation  energy is produced as close as possible to the point of consumption, through capillary and efficient systems.

Energy Management

development, implementation and management, including the logic of ESCO, of energy efficiency solutions based on cogeneration systems; replacement / modernization of existing power plants and solar cooling always considering that the primary source of sustainable energy is energy saving

Solar Energy

acting as EPC contractor, project developer and project manager of large PV systems to be implemented on the ground, on special surfaces (former landfill), on the rooftops of infrastructure and production sites; We have also developed strategic partnerships with funds and significant players of the renewable energy sector for important investments in renewable giving rise to Solar Utility in which Green Utility acquired holdings

Waste to Energy

providing Public Entities and industrial groups with integrated technological solution in order to produce energy by treating wastes


Green Energy Trading

marketing of “Green certificates” on behalf of Utilities, ESCO and other subjects


New Green Tech

focus on the development and implementation of storage systems for electricity in partnership with leading players in the world of storage solutions, considered the keystone of the Smart Grid