Improve the quality of energy, improve the quality of life


Green Utility also operates focusing the user “energy intensive”, able to design and implement solutions for rationalization and self-efficiency, identifying the best mix of renewable integration.

Working as a producer of energy from renewable sources and as Energy Service Company, IT has the Mission to be the Energy Manager of public and private entities to which provide energy solutions that use only renewable energy sources and energy efficient systems with high environmental compatibility .
We develop, finance, build and manage solar systems on roofs and on the ground, using a business model that simplifies solar energy and generates benefits for installers, manufacturers, businesses, government agencies, power companies and consumers.

Our values are:

The ethics of energy saving and environmentally friendly energy.
The constant research of new integrated energy solutions for the environment.
The use of innovative technologies for generating renewable energy to eliminate energy discrimination between the different areas of the planet.

Energy management is characterized by a strong focus on customer needs: analyzing energy consumption, any waste arising and bases its activities to identify the best solutions, their design and implementation using an integration of technologies aimed at energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, where possible.

The main lines of business are represented by the construction of “turnkey” solutions of energy efficiency, from the sale of cogeneration machines and the activity of Energy Service Company.

Our fields of action:

 Cogeneration and District Heating
 Solar Thermal
 Energy Management and Energy Efficiency
 Renewable energy plants of medium and large sizes.