General principles

 The Administrative Decree N. 231 (June 8, 2001) introduced into the Italian legal system a corporate administrative liability policy for certain criminal offenses committed by directors, officers or employees to the advantage of the authority itself.  

The adoption of Organization Model

 Green Utility, in accordance with the ethical principles which characterize it, decided to adopt its own Organizational Model with the purpose of building a comprehensive set of guiding principles, procedures and other specific presidium inspired by the principles of healthy corporate management and, among other things, aiming to prevent the commission of crime offenses covered by the Decree.  

The supervisory board

 The Boards of Directors of Green Utility has entrusted to a monocratic supervisory body, outside the Company, with proven experience and expertise, the task of monitoring compliance with the requirements of the Organizational Model, and to verify their effectiveness and assess the need for any updates.

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