Mediolanum Bank: trigeneration plant

Mediolanum Bank has replaced its heating system of traditional boilers and chillers powered by electricity to cover the heating and cooling energy consumption with a trigeneration plant to achieve high efficiency auto production of electricity for heating in winter and summer cooling of buildings of the following locations:

- Sede “Meucci Galvani”: Uffici + CED
- Sede “Fermi Galeno”: Uffici + CED


Kind of plant: trigeneration
Status: connected to the electric national grid in 2009
Power: 700 kWel; 944 kWter;1168 kWfr
Kind of machine: 4 cogeneration units Tedom T180 SPE + 2 absorption chillers
Economical benefits:  about 45% of annual savings compared to the previous scenario

Environmental benefits:

  • 997 ton CO2/ year
  • 421 TEP/year