American Express: a trigeneration plant

The American Express office center has installed at its headquarters in Rome a trigeneration plant with high energy efficiency, for self-production of electricity, heat and cooling for the entire building.

Energia+ has done the investment of the plant together with the client and through the mechanism of the “Energy Service” shares the savings with the customer, in order to reduce the payback time.


Kind of plant:  trigeneration.
Status: connected to the electric national grid in 2009
Power:  320 kWel; 392 kWter; 240 kWfr
Technology:  2 cogeneration units Tedom T160 SPE + 1 absorption chiller
Performance:  annual savings of 68.000 €- about 45% of annual savings compared to the previous scenario
Environmental benefits:

  • 55 ton CO2/ year
  • 23 TEP/year