University Luiss Guido Carli: redevelopment electricity

The University Luiss Guido Carli has undertaken a general upgrading of the electrical system, from the main distribution in low-voltage to individual connections of each local, including also the complete redesign of the electrical system at the service of CED and the UPS at its service.

Object of the interventions:  electrical plant for the University
Power input of the University:  250 kW
Kind of electric connection:  medium voltage (20 kV) then lowered (400 V) via transformers
Start redevelopment works:  July 2011
End redevelopment works  December 2011
Environmental benefits:

  • absolute guarantee of electrical continuity to the users of the University
  • more reliability achieved by upgrading the CED plant to the best available technology on the market
  • lower costs of maintenance of electrical equipment
  • greater reliability of electricity service, no longer dependent on the continuous black-out of the national grid