Opened the PV of the Centro Agroalimentare in Rome

On March 19, 2012 it was inaugurated the PV plant of the Centro Agroalimentare in Rome near Guidonia (Rome).

The photovoltaic modules constitute the cover elements of the stainless industrial sized shelters, installed in areas within the food logistics C.A.R. for parking and cargo movement.

It have been identified three distinct types of shelters, due to the particular characteristics of the functional areas and the different nature of circulating vehicles, in size and structure to accommodate large articulated lorries, small size commercial vehicles and simple motor vehicles.

It was necessary to carefully evaluate the impact of the work on the activities of the market and the internal road, due to the large size of the structures. The final layout of the plant was then defined in such a way as to ensure the vehicles operating within the CAR adequate space for maneuvering and unloading goods, without compromising in any way the operation.