Design of energy solutions


In the determination of energy-efficient technologies to be applied to our projects, we respect the following guidelines.

- The proposed technologies must be integrated perfectly with each other forming, in fact, a mix of technologies with high efficiency and environmental value. .
- The technology mix should result in significant savings in gas bills, electricity and primary energy users, ensuring lower emissions global environment.
- Electricity, heat and cooling produced must be recorded and monitored instantaneously so you can measure and verify the manufacturability of the system and the energy and environmental benefits. .
- When working on existing buildings energy efficient technologies must be integrated to the building structure built, allowing easy installation and maintenance of the same.
- When possible it is necessary to introduce solutions to the building with innovative structural elements and bioclimatic architecture, increasing energy savings, economic, and further reducing emissions into the environment.

The proposed solutions are designed to:

- Minimize the amount of energy required of the building

- Increase the amount of energy produced from renewable sources

- Integrate different systems of production of energy to reach a technological mix which is better suited to the needs of the building.

For an energy complex reality there is no one technology that can minimize energy consumption, but must aim at an integration of several technologies through logic “system integrator” as the sole way to achieve a global optimization of energy consumption and costs. The choice of different technologies to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings is also dictated by the ease of insertion of the same in addition to the existing plant.
Combining energy efficiency projects constantly looking for innovative solutions, it can be possible to identify energy and financial self-sustainability solutions.