The cogeneration and the brand Tedom


One of the most efficient energy technologies turns out to be the cogeneration, or combined, in one process, electrical energy and thermal and/or mechanical energy, starting from a single primary source of energy. The principle on which is based the CHP is to recover the heat generated during the production phase of electricity, which is usually dispersed in the environment, in order to produce thermal energy to be reused for civil and residential heating.


Energia + is the exclusive distributor for Italy of cogeneration machines


TEDOM A.S. was founded in 1991 and quickly emerged as a leader in cogeneration, trigeneration, district heating and biogas plants. TEDOM is located in more than 40 countries worldwide and has more than 2000 units installed. The purpose of TEDOM is to ensure the combined production of electricity and heat with high throughput technologies. This aspect provides a significant saving in fuel impacting considerably on both the ecological and economic level of the customer. TEDOM cogeneration units can be used in all those situations where there is simultaneous demand throughout the year of electricity, heat and / or cooling.